Kanal, Inc., founded in 2005, is a corporation based in New York City that leverages technology and proprietary processes to provide Internet-enabled services to a global customer base in diverse areas including Retail Commerce, Financial Trading, and Human Productivity. As a continuously innovating and evolving company, upcoming products and services are already in the works.

Shopazam.com is a global retailer of millions of products and a selection of online services in over 30 segments for both consumers and businesses. With its proprietary technological platform and extensive network of supply and distribution partners across the globe, customers receive quality and efficient service in over a hundred countries worldwide.

Tradistics.com offers "Emotion Free Trading", an algorithmic trading system for use with the global financial markets. Clients define their trading rules and parameters, which the system uses to trade in real-time on their behalf.

Zubamba.com is specialized in web-based software services that make organizing and managing work and life activities easier. The software suite offers a dashboard with features such as goal setting and progress tracking, and allows users to manage their contacts, reminders, projects, teams, files, and much more.

The Kanal brand continues to grow and expand the technology behind its Internet properties. Our company is committed to developing methods of leveraging the Internet and our global reach to provide innovative and valuable services to our customers.

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